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Perseverance - Running the Race of Life

This week we are going to learn about the remarkable achievements of Jane Tomlinson and reflect on how she has been an inspiration to so many people.

What helps you to persevere?

Share your suggestions. 

Let us know your top tips for others to help them keep going when they might be feeling like giving up.  Videos, quotes, voice recordings, we don't mind how you share them, but we would love to hear your ideas.  E-mail adminoffice@steep.hants.sch.uk

Worship with John

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What is Perseverance?


Perseverance is ...

Pressing on

Eagre to continue

Running the race

Sticking with things

Encouraging eachother to keep going

Valueing the support of others

Eyes fixedon the target

Reaching a goal over time

Aiming to complete a task

Not giving up

Commitment to keep going

Ending up where you want to be.