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Earth and Space

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Learning Journey

Kingfishers’ class will be out of this world this term when we focus on space. Our science directed topic will allow us to learn all about the planets in the solar system, how the earth orbits and what this means, and investigating why the moon appears to change shape over the month.

In English we will be reading ‘Cosmic’ by Frank Cottrell Boyce, discovering what happens when an 11 year old boy is put in charge of a space mission. We will also look at a non-fiction picture book all about the Mars Rover - Curiosity.

Our Art this term will involve both paint and line drawing as we create galaxy inspired astronaut portraits. We will also look at the spectacular work of Australian artist Cathrin Machin.

PE will include swimming and tag rugby and RE will focus on Islam and the symbolism of trees within the religion.

Links to Prior Learning


KS1 – As part of the seasonal change topic, children may have observed changes across the seasons and observed/described weather changes.

They may have learnt that the Sun is a light source, however, Earth and Space is not taught at KS1 as a discrete topic.

Year 3 – Children may have learnt about the Sun as a light source (in the Light topic); they may have observed that shadows are formed when an opaque object blocks out light and that the Sun’s position in the sky appears to change through the day.