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The Land of Ever-believe Spring 2019

The Robins were SOOOOO excited!  They  found an egg in the woods, but not a chicken’s egg,  ‘a greenish purplish egg’,  an egg that ‘might have been left by its mum’.  It’s a mystery for the Robins to solve.  They will have to go on a trip to Marwell zoo to investigate further!

Which animal may have left it there?

Or more to the point which ‘hybrid’? (one of Robins’ vocabulary extension words this term). 

This experience provided a perfect opportunity for ‘talk for writing’ and making story maps ready for diary entries.  It was also a stimulus for some higher order thinking skills: predicting, theorising, creating, proving, justifying and designing.  Their topic The Land of Everbelieve will culminate in an exhibition for parents in the school hall showcasing all the origins, eating habits, and structures of the Robin Hybrid animals.