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Year R Weekly Homework

 Sit down, relax and spend five to ten minutes sharing your child's home reading book.  Look through the pages together and talk about what you can see in the pictures. 

What might be happening? 

Can you see any sounds you know? 

What might happen next? 

Are there any teddy words in your reading book? 

It is really helpful if parents write a quick comment in the reading record or upload one to via tapestry.  Remeber that home reading books can be changed when needed.  Just let me know in the morning. Happy reading! 

Robins Earn Your Badges


Other Resources to Support Learning

There are lots more activities you might like to try at home on Purple Mash. http://www.purplemash.com/steep

There are also resources on the Curriculum Robins page that you can help yourself to.