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Friday the 18th school closure

Hi Robins, its going to get a bit windy today!! So no school! I've put some things on here for you to do, theres a quiz, colouring, designing a penguin house and more! Maybe you could also draw a stormy picture!! Have a lovely day and we look forward to seeing you after half term!! 

Download windy weather clip art png - Free PNG Images | TOPpng

Work for both year R and 1

No printer, no worries, just use a piece of paper!

No power!! Try these instead!

how to draw snowflake - YouTube

Draw, paint or collage a snowflake, can you remember how to draw one? Is there another way to make a snowflake?

junk model giraffeKiddi Caru Junk Modelling Challenge - Kiddi Caru

How about using your recycling to make an animal from Marwell?


Read a book, show how great you are at reading!!! Or go over your sounds and teddy words.What Age Should a Child Read Fluently – Reading Eggs

Enjoy your day, play a game, draw a picture, bake!

Stay safe!!


Happy learning everyone! 


There are lots more activities you might like to try at home on Purple Mash. http://www.purplemash.com/steep

There are also resources on the Curriculum Robins page that you can help yourself to.