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Welcome to the Special Educational Needs resource page

Ideas and support for your child with Special Educational Needs. 

Support for Physical Development

Support for children who require core muscle exercises and would normally have access to ABC programme in school



Support for children who are developing fine motor control and would normally benefit from Clever hands programme in school. 



Support for Learning

Ways to support reading at home...

Mrs Darling-Chalke has suggested 3 key ways to support reading at home...

Useful article with many links and tips for supporting children with Dyslexia


Nessy YouTube Channel

Nessy have created a Youtube Channel to support children with dyslexia


Mrs Darling-Chalke has been thinking about breaking down the remote learning day. 

Support for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Please go to the Information for Parents section on Mental Health and Wellbeing for links to many websites that can support and help.




Support from other professionals

Helpline available from Hampshire Educational Psychology Team.

SENDIASS - Support and advice for parents with children with Special Educational Needs