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Children's Choice Charities

What are they?

So many children at Steep are passionate about helping others.   They are keen to raise awareness of the plight of others and raise money for their chosen causes.  Children's Choice Charity is the opportunity to do just that.  These courageous advocates pitch their vision for change to the headteacher, explaining the Christian values underpinning it.  They then prepare a presentation for the rest of the school to raise awareness, and organise events to raise money for their good cause.

What's YOUR choice?

One children's choice charity was Cri-du-chat support group (CDCSG).  This charity fundraising effort has been organised by Soren and Danny. Soren is passionate about raising awareness of this charity as his sister Lilli (a past Steepie) has Cri-du-chat.  Please watch their presentation to find out more, or go to the charity website https://criduchat.org.uk/ where you can also donate.

Previous Charities