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Inspection Reports

Our latest Ofsted report recognised the school as being a good school and identifies many ways in which the school has built on its previous strengths:

'Parents consider themselves to be fortunate to be part of the school community and speak very positively of the ‘open-door’ approach demonstrated by all staff in the school. Parents are rightly very pleased with the education and care provided, and say their children are very happy.'  

'Relationships between pupils and teachers are positive and respectful. Pupils enjoy coming to school and are appreciative of teachers’ careful planning to make learning fun. Pupils are motivated to learn and work hard in lessons. They demonstrate confidence and independence, sharing their ideas and asking questions when they are not sure.'

Click here to view the full report

As a church school we also have a Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools (SIAS) which graded the school as outstanding.  You can read our latest SIAS inspection report by clicking on the document link below.