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Robins Curriculum

The Funny Bones Circus

Finding a collection of real bones in a dark and mysterious box created a learning bonanza for the children.  What are they? Who and what do they belong to? Why do we have bones?

The book ‘Funny Bones’ will be used to as a catalyst to promote learning the basic parts of the human body.  Do bones really help us to stand up?  Are all bones the same? 

They children  will learn a fantastic vocabulary focussed song about the different names of bones we have in the human body and take inspiration from Van Gogh to draw and paint their own self-portraits.

Moving on from bones, the children will learn other parts of their body including their fantastic elastic brain and how it helps us develop our growth mindset and work through the learning pit. 

The Robins will also be looking closely at  senses and how our bodies let us move and develop new skills. 

To celebrate our bodies and the amazing physical skills we can do, Robins will be finishing the topic with a funny bones themed circus skills day.  Juggling, diabolo, plate spinning, twirling, riding a unicycle, balancing objects and teamwork activities awaits us!