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Lost in Toy Museum

As the lights go out, the adventure begins… The toys are poised and in position.  Whatever have they been up too? They certainly were not like that when we left school last night. I wonder what your toys get up to when you are not looking?  ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’ written by David Lucas will fuel the children’s imagination and create curiosity into some unique toys from the past and present. The Petersfield museum have sent us a travelling trunk for us to rummage and rootle through.  Can we create a simple timeline detailing ways in which toys have changed over the time of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents?  How do we find out about the past? What historical terms will we need to learn? After interviewing several sources, we will start to explore the concept of ‘remembering’ linking it to our RE unit – When do we remember and why?  A visit to the Vedic Hindu temple will provide opportunity for the Robins to discuss how important ‘remembering’ is in the Hindu religion and Christian faith and provide them with a fantastic first-hand experience of a Hindu temple.    


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