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We know at Steep that 'behaviour' is a way of children (and adults) expressing a need or a feeling, and that sometimes we don't express our needs or our feelings in the most appropriate or effective way.  This is when we need to support children with their behaviour - to encouage them to express their needs and their feelings appropriately.  Children need firm boundaries to feel secure, but they also need to feel understood and cared for and some children will need more or different support than others in helping them to regulate or manage their behaviour.  Our school policy on behaviour (see policies tab to the left) sets out how we aim to do this.

Understanding behaviour we might see in children who have experienced trauma


PBS Six Strands

Hampshire Primary Behaviour Support Service (PBS) have produced a useful document which sets out six different strands of behaviours that we may need to support.  We refer to these in school, but you might find them helpful at home too!  (This is the mini version - full version available on request).

PBS also have some great guidance for parents on their website.  You are just one click away from the support you need.  https://pbs.hants.gov.uk/parents