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Eddie's Garden


We are botanists! Seeds, bulbs, plants, tubers, fruit, flowers, leaves, roots and stems are waiting to be explored.  The children will complete retrieval practice prompted by all the objects and pictures waiting to be investigated. As they watch a bean germinate they will describe and predict what each part emerging from the bean is for. Following practical scientific methods, processes and skills our young botanists will follow a line of enquiry ‘What are the perfect conditions for my cress to grow?’ The children will later use their cress to learn about cooking & nutrition.  They will create a cress inspired lunch dish detailing how and where it was grown. The use and knowledge of algorithms will come in handy when we write a detailed set of instructions explaining how to create the dish.

As always, Robins have a true love of books and use them to learn, love and be creative in our lives.  This topic is no different…We will explore a variety of non-fiction texts introducing and consolidating a range of vocabulary needed for botany.  Eddie’s Garden by Sarah Garland will provide us with great stimulation and discussion points to create from first-hand experience our very own plant poetry.

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tomato image with roots