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Frozen Feet

Wilson Bentley

What will we be learning?

Oh no! There is snow all over the windows and floor and some of our toys are missing. Who could have done this?  Why have they done this?  Perhaps the initials ‘JF’ might be a clue?  This wintery weather has got us thinking about how different the days are compared to Autumn. As we explore the cold frosty mornings, ‘JF’ returns all of our toys but accidentally leaves someone behind… There are penguin footprints all over the floor and a few fish lying on the tables.  We will describe and compare the structure of the fish to a penguin and most importantly find out how to look after a penguin. Where do penguins come from? How would we get penguin to a whole new continent?  Is there anywhere in the UK that would be able to look after the penguin?

frost on window
discovery of penguin
Bringing penguin back

Lost and Found

Nellie Choc-Ice

Medium Term Plan