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Precious Plants

Learning Journey

Potatoes, potatoes, potatoes. What are potatoes anyway?  Are they plants, trees, leaves, stems, roots, tubers or flowers?  Let’s find out! The children will explore and play with potato filled discovery trays.  They can look closer, rub, chop, print, cook and peel the potatoes whilst listening to ‘The Enormous Potato’ by Aubrey Davies. I wonder if you can learn the Latin name ‘Solanum Tuberosum’?  Are there any growing on the school grounds?  What other plants and trees grow at Steep? The children will be asked to create a field study that will collect data and identify how many different types of trees we have growing here. To support the learning of plant structure, Robins will design their own botanical notebook inspired by the artist Lillian Snelling and learn about primary and secondary colours using watercolours

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