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Collective Worship

Our Christian Value this half term is: Friendship

The Lord be with you...

This week we are thinking about making time for one another

What does the Bible say?

Jesus visits Martha and Mary

Luke 10 verses 38 - 42

Look at this picture by the artist He Qi.  

Pin on He QiWhat do you think the man and the two women in the picture are doing?

How do you think they might be feeling?

He Qi painted a picture that shows the time when Jesus when to the house of a family who had shown him kindness and friendship. In this family there was a brother, Lazarus and two sisters, Martha and Mary.

Friendship grows stronger when you spend time together

This week's task:

Imagine that you are sitting in a room with Jesus.  What do you think He might say to you? What would you like to ask Him?

He Qi has painted a dove above Mary.  Make your own dove and draw a picture of a place where you peace or where you might pray.

Worship with John

Jesus' Friends

Let us pray

Dear God,

Let our friendships be gentle so that we are kind to others.

Let our friendships be open so that we listen to others.

Let our friendships be strong so that we can help others.


This week's story - Little Beaver and the Echo

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord

Who would you like to spend more time with?