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Collective Worship

Our Christian Value this half term is: Truth and Truthfulness

The Lord be with you...

We light three candles in the name of:

God the Father whose word is the truth,

God the Son who is full of truth and

God the Holy Spirit who helps us to live truthfully.

This week we are thinking about: Making the right choices

This week's task:

Have a look at this dilemma.   What would you do if it was you? What advise would you give to Jasmin if you were her friend?


Jasmine: Hey Katy, look what I've found!

Katie: Wow, a £10 note!  Where did you find it?

Jasmine: On the school field.  It was just blowing around in the wind.  Someone must have dropped it, they are going to be really worried now.

Katie: It must be our lucky day! Now you can get that new bag you wanted.

Jasmine: Oh!  (thinking - I was going to hand it in).

This week's story is a bible story: The Fall Genesis 3


Being honest

Worship with John Owen

Acrostic Poem about Truth


Trustworthy words and actions

Respect for doing the right thing

Uncovering the full picture

Telling it as it is

Having all the facts

This week's Hymn

Let us pray

God of truth

We thank yo for the peace we feel when we are truthful, and the way you troube us inside when we tell lies.  Help us notice those feelings and give us your courage to be honest, whatever the cost.


Go in peace to love and serve the Lord

Who would you rather be?

Someone who others trust to be truthful, whatever happens?


Someone who when they are tempted, just give in a d tells a lie when that is easier than telling the truth. 

A little extra


Make up your own 'dilemma' where one person is influencing another person to be dishonest. You could even act it out and video it!