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Monday 1st March 2021

Good morning or Bore da (Boh-reh dah) Falcons - this is Welsh for good morning.  Today is St Davids day, St David is the patron saint of Wales. Please click the link for a run through of todays lessons.  Don't forget you will need to watch the video explanations and then look at the power points so that you can follow any links.  Looking forward to seeing you all next week!


Ther power point below has the over view of the day, morning activity maths with answers, word of the week and the links to the poetry too! Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus (dee-the goil De-wi ha-peece) - Happy St David's Day

Religious Education

Please click for explanation of todays RE


I have just tried the link in class to the interviews with Christians  and it didnt work this one should!http://request.org.uk/festivals/holy-week-and-easter/why-is-the-resurrection-so-important-to-christians



This week you will be listening to some poetry by John Asgard.  Dont forget to draw a composite picture  related to the poems you will listen to and post it on seesaw! (You can do this by doodling as you listen to the poems)


Remember you should be reading your own book for at least half an hour too!  


Please click the link for an explanation of your Geography  for today