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Year R spring term learning

'Journey' written by Aaron Becker

journey boat

Wheels, Wings and Water

This half term the children's learning will be influenced by oceans and transport.  We will be launching from a book called ‘Journey’ and another fabulous geography song ‘Oceans’.

'Journey' written by Aaron Becker


Practice daily

Everyday resources to help you

Year R Daily Phonic Fluency

Sound mat lowercase and capitals

Handwriting PowerPoint

Interactive teddy words

Handwriting Video

Handwriting video

Earn your Robin badges

You can still earn your Robin badges, just do three tasks for each badge. Full instructions are on the first letter and each badge page. Good luck!

How do you feel about coming back to school?

How are you feeling now? 

Can you use your feeling monster stick puppets and make the same faces? Or make a story with them about how you feel at different times. Send us a video.

Can you look at the feeling monsters and write when you feel that way?

You could print out the feelings and draw you too, which feeling monster will you stand with on that day?

Is there a feeling missing, make a new feeling monster.

Its always good to talk about how you feel!